What is SpeedIT?

SpeedIT provides a set of accelerated solvers for sparse linear systems of equations that fundamental to scientific and industrial applications. Manifold acceleration, e.g. more than an order of magnitude, is achieved with a reasonably priced NVIDIA Graphics Processing Units (GPU) that are part of every PC nowadays. With the help of our software the PC can be transformed into a reasonable supercomputer.

The library can be used in a wide spectrum of domains such as computational fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, thermodynamics, materials, acoustics, computer vision and graphics, robotics, semiconductor devices and structural engineering.

The library can be also used for problems without defined geometry such as quantum chemistry, statistics, power networks and other graphs and chemical process simulation. Therefore, the range of industries that can take advantage of the product is wide: oil&gas, car industry, aviation, mechanical engineering, medicine to name a few.

Official Web Page

Product Features

  • Conjugate Gradient and Bi-Conjugate Gradient stabilized. 
  • Single and double precision. 
  • Support for complex operations. 
  • Simple installation and user-friendly API. 


  • GPU supporting CUDA 
  • Linux 32-bit/64-bit 

Acceleration of OpenFOAM

This offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Limited, the producer of the OpenFOAM software and owner of the OPENFOAM® and OpenCFD® trade marks.


  • Classic (Limited Functionality) : Free, GPL-version. 
  • Academic & Government License starting from 300EUR for 1yr license with maintenance and support.
  • Commercial License are available at request.