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Meet us

Meet us at BioMedTech2010 conference where we will present the Virtual Microscopy Software from Slidepath and our recent results in hardware acceleration of biomedical simulations.

Tragedy in Poland

We are mourning together with Polish nation. Such tragedy has never happened in Polish and European history after WW2.

SpeedIT Tools

Vratis plans to release the SpeedIT Tools Library in the 2Q of 2010. In the meantime, a blog describing the current state of development has been published.

The SpeedIT Tools library provides a set of accelerated solvers forsparse linear systems of equations. Manifold acceleration, e.g. morethan an order of magnitude, is achieved with a single reasonably priced NVIDIA Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that supporst CUDA and proprietary advanced optimisation techniques. The library can be used in a wide spectrum of domains arising from problems with underlying 2Dand 3D geometry, such as computational fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, thermodynamics, materials, acoustics, computer visionand graphics, robotics, semiconductor devices and structuralengineering. The library can be also used for problems without defined geometry such as quantum chemistry, statistics, power networks andother graphs and chemical process simulation. All computations areperformed with single or double floating point precision. Two linear system solvers and two preconditioners are supplied.

Meet us

Meet us at SMEs go Health - International Information and Training Workshop organizedduring the BioTechForum2009 (11/25/2009, Stockholm, Sweden). where we presented the project SpeedIT aimed at hardware acceleration of Computational FluidDynamics.