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Meet us at AMD Developer Summit, November 11-14, 2013 In San Jose, CA.
We will present the state of VIRTUS: CFD in the cloud system and SpeedIT OpenCL (in collaboration with AMD).



On May 21st at 5.10 PM we gave a talk at 4th International Workshop 2013 on Computational Phantoms at ITIS Foundation in Zurich about current state of VIRTUS: CFD in the cloud system.


We focused on meshing from CT/MRI in medical applications.



Vratis and AMD will collaborate jointly on porting Vratis' SpeedIT technology to OpenCL.

Vratis, a company that develops GPU-based software for virtual microscopy and computational fluid dynamics for medicine, research and education is pleased to announce a joint project with AMD, the world leading producer of graphic cards.  The project will focus on the further expansion of Vratis' SpeedIT technology aimed at acceleration of OpenFOAM and physical simulations.



What’s new in SpeedIT 2.3

- New Incomplete Cholesky Preconditioner from CUDA 5.0
- Up to 5x faster intra-GPU communication (GPU Direct)
- Bandwith up to 300 GB/s (NVIDIA Keppler)
- New Options in OpenFOAM Plugin

For more information contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

SpeedIT provides a set of accelerated solvers for sparse linear systems of equations. Acceleration is achieved with a single reasonably priced NVIDIA Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that supports CUDA. SpeedIT Plugin to OpenFOAM allows for running OpenFOAM simulations on GPUs.