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We are pleased to inform about our new publications:

- our article "Compressed Multirow Storage Format for Sparse Matrices on Graphics Processing Units" has been published in SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (Vol. 36, Issue 2)
- our article "Acceleration of iterative Navier-Stokes solvers on graphics processing units" has been published in International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics (Volume 27, Issue 4-5, 2013).


An article about Vratis' history, current projects and plans for the future in one of the largest Polish newspapers. See this link for more details.


This release will be interesting for you if you are running OpenFOAM on desktop computer with the AMD cards.

- OpenCL version of Conjugate Gradient, BiConjugate Gradient together with diagonal preconditioner.
- OpenCL version of Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication.

The performance has been tested on three cases: external flow simulation over a simplified model of a car Ahmedbody with 1.37M cells, and blood flow simulations through basiliary and caretoid arteries.

See the full report for details.


Vratis was mentioned in a local newspaper.

The article can be found here.