HPC in the Cloud

SpeedIT Cluster

SpeedIT Cluster is a high-bandwidth, low-latency cluster that runs in the secure cloud powered by Microsoft Azure. This way you have more control over your costs since the cluster is charged only when used and is charged by minute. The SpeedIT Cluster is scalable, can be scaled out up to 1000 VMs or scaled up in minutes. Our technology meets the highest security standards, role based access and monitoring services. The cluster runs Windows or Linux, uses MPI and Infiniband to support heavy HPC workloads. We also support parallel and highly available file systems such as Intel Lustre and BeeGFS.


Linux : CentOS 7
Resource Manager: PBS Pro, SLURM.
Infiniband and RDMA-based internode communication.
High-end processors with 8, 16 cores (Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 0 @ 2.60GHz).
Secure transfer to and from the SpeedIT Cluster. You own and control your data.
Practically unlimited and redundant storage.
Flexible Scaling and full control of your costs.
Redundancy of the cluster (optional).
Scalability even in the range of 1000+ VMs with 8/16 cores each.
Powered by Microsoft Azure.

Our Services include:
– Deployment of the SpeedIT Cluster.
– Installation and Configuration of the Cluster.
– Installation and Configuration of Monitoring Services.
– Installation of Cloud Services for Cost Optimization.
– Performance studies.
– Support and Maintenance.

SpeedIT Cluster will reduce your capital costs while providing scale and high availability of the secure cloud.