SpeedIT FLOW 0.3 Released

We are happy to announce SpeedIT FLOW ver. 0.3.

SpeedIT FLOW is a RANS single-phase fluid flow solver that runs fully on GPU.

SpeedIT FLOW ver. 0.3

  • RANS turbulence modeling of incompressible fluids (kOmegaSST),
  • Supported boundary conditions: kqRWallFunction, omegaWallFunction, nutkWallFunction, inletOutlet, slip
  • Supported discretization scheme: upwind for div(phi)
  • Supported OpenFOAM versions: 1.7.1 – 2.3.0
GPU vs. CPU. Motorbike, 6M cells, aero flow: simpleFoam+kOmegaSST
GPU vs. CPU. Motorbike, 6M cells, aero flow: simpleFoam+kOmegaSST

In summary: now we solve external aero flow (motorbike) and other industry-relevant OpenFOAM cases on a GPU card ca. x3 faster vs. Intel Xeon E5649 running 12 cores. This is about two times faster than competing solutions that offer only partial acceleration on GPU.

See this presentation for the latest results.

Your honest opinion if such a product is attractive for the market is highly appreciated. Maybe there are still some features missing?

Contact us at info at vratis.com if you would like to test this version.

Best regards,
SpeedIT Team

Previous Releases

Release ver. 0.1

  • Full GPU acceleration of SIMPLE, PISO solvers
  • Transient and steady state flows
  • Boundary Conditions: zeroGradient, fixed value,
  • CG and BiCG linear solvers with diagonal preconditioner

Release ver. 0.2

  • AMG preconditioner for CG solver