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Vratis Ltd. delivers advanced technologies and services for medicine, biotechnology and IT sectors. Our experience is strongly connected with machine vision and GPU computing and ranges from biological and medical applications to optical inspection and quality control.

Headquarters in Wroclaw, strong relation to academic community, highly educated staff, and experience in research and software development make us a reliable partner.


ESA has published an article about its collaboration with Vratis and Sybilla Technologies.


Polish companies cooperate with ESA under SSA

European Space Agency (ESA) invited Polish companies – Vratis and Sybilla Technologies to work together on a project that will enable detection and tracking of Near-Earth Objects, NEO. The main aim of the undertaking is to identify areas where GPU technology can be used. Project is supported by AMD.

As part of the contract awarded by ESA, Polish companies will perform joint research on how modern  IT tools can help in processing, managing and analyzing large amounts of captured data. This research can be used to accomplish SSA (Space Situational Awareness) program, which will coordinate further actions in case of planetoid’s detection that could endanger life on Earth. SSA will also monitor satellites and disposal of space debris.

Information gained by ESA during previous, preliminary trails shows big potential of graphics processors GPU – said Vicente Navarro, manager in Application Database Systems and Special Projects, SSA. – GPU usage in NEO ensures an excellent computing platform for objects detection in space – added Vicente.


VIRTUS has been selected as one of eight finalists in the Swiss competition for the most innovative company - Startup Battle 2014 in High-Tech/Science section.

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We are pleased to inform about our new publications:

- our article "Compressed Multirow Storage Format for Sparse Matrices on Graphics Processing Units" has been published in SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (Vol. 36, Issue 2)
- our article "Acceleration of iterative Navier-Stokes solvers on graphics processing units" has been published in International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics (Volume 27, Issue 4-5, 2013).